Monday, August 31, 2009

Tonight will be interesting

We are coming together again after a month apart! And we have a new venue. These things could make or break our little Dunedin group interested in social media.

But tonight I'm expecting 2 new faces and at least 2 old faces. A designer from the university wanting to know how she might incorporate social media into the website she is re-jigging; a usability consultant who is interested in social media generally and who comes to these Tuesday nights; Chris from the university business school interested in similar things as the designer; and myself who wants to share some research I've been doing in Otago Polytechnic's use of social media.

So, see you there I hope. The Otago Polytechnic's Forth St Campus Community Learning Centre, on Union St across from the Bill Robertson Library.

Monday, August 24, 2009

New venue confirmed

Ok, we have a new venue, this time with a projector, good group working space, and quieter (I think we'll have it to ourselves even!). It seems we have some more interest from people at the University too, so they'll enjoy the proximity.

We are now at the Otago Polytechnic's Forth St Community Learning Centre (which is actually on Union St East!) Here's a map:


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We're back on deck

Hey ho! Just landed in from San Francisco (sounds fancy hey) and keen to see us come together on Tuesday nights again starting September. There has been a little burst of energy in Dunedin over the past month, with a seminar held for the Otago Chamber of Commerce to top it off.. The Twitter notes look encouraging, and some of these high rollers might even be interested in dropping in with us on Tuesday nights to see what could happen if we get heads together..

I'm aiming for a new venue that is better set up for show and tell, has better parking, and is a little quieter.. The Common Room in town was setting up something upstairs, but I'm thinking maybe the Otago Polytechnic Forth St Community Learning Centre. Still have to ask if it'll be ok.. Stay tuned.