Thursday, September 10, 2009

Twitter power user shows how

Some great tips for using Twitter to access rich information

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

As always, things never go to plan

We had a massively long conversation with Zina and Chris last night. Both are involved in developing a new website for their respective places of work, and both are interested in ideas for incorporating social media and more social practices.

I remember 2 core principles being discussed:

Spread content widely, using tools that aid efficiency, and tiw it all together again on the main central site.

Better to ask individuals in your organisation to blog, vlog, tweet etc about the organisation, then to set up an "organisational" Twitter or Facebook accounst that will only die an organised death through lake of authenticity. Detail of this idea was in the discussion, and Chris mentioned an article with words to this effect on Idealog. Chris, I hope you can find the article for us...

Below is rough notes and links from last nighst rather intense discussion:

Wikis as websites:
OUSA Youtube needs to be managed better. Needs responses to comments, needs to make favs and playlists. Use the features.
Also, once you use the features on Youtube, embed the channel on OUSA website using embed codes provided by Youtube.
Upload videos to multiple services at once (saves time, makes a backup, spreads)
Local webdesign businesses
Both have their own Content Management Systems
YahooPipes - Once you have spread your data out across the popular Internet, bring it all together on OUSA. You can use Yahoo Pipes to bring it together, as well as for media monitoring, research etc. This blog is full of crazy ideas for Yahoo Pipes:
SCOPE Art Journal uses Wordpress as a CMS

Monday, September 7, 2009

Pull yourself together!

So, if you follow my advice you will have distributed yourself all over the Internet. You'll have not just one blog going, not just one video account, not just one photo and image account, bookmarks, etc.. but, its important that you tie it all together somehow. You can do this 2 ways I reckon:

1. Create a navigation menu on a central website that points to all the places you exist
2. Bring in all those places via their RSS feeds and display them on one central page

Let's look at both ways.

Here's me with a navigation menu (as well as a bit of RSS content being pulled in)
And here's me 100% RSS

See you tonight (Tuesday) at the Otago Polytechnic's Forth St Campus Community Learning Centre, 6 - 8pm.