Monday, January 31, 2011

Recent Changes Camp 2011

We hosted a RecentChangesCamp at the University of Canberra these past three days. It was an OpenSpace unconference focused on wikis and online collaborative practices, following the success of the RCC2010 event, and RecentChangesCamps held in other parts of the world. The main characteristics of the event were that it was free to attend, open to anyone, with a program determined on the day by the participants. The aim of the event was to draw together people interested in Worldwide Iterative Knowledge Involvement or wikis (we made that acronym up btw), to discuss and share knowledge, and eat and socialise in a friendly face to face setting.


  1. Laura Hale - University of Canberra
  2. Leigh Blackall - University of Canberra
  3. Jutta von Dincklage - Cancer Council Australia
  4. Rob Fitzgerald - University of Canberra
  5. John Vandenberg - Wikimedia Australia, University of New England
  6. Jani Patokallio - Lonely Planet
  7. Rose Grozdanic - Australian Flexible Learning Framework
  8. Michael Coghlan - TAFESA, NewLearning
  9. Kirsty Sharp - Tasmanian Polytechnic
  10. Tom Worthington - Australian National University
  11. Diane Phillips - University of Canberra
  12. MarkDilley - AboutUs
  13. SatuSuro - Wikipedia editor - Western Australia
  14. Chriswaterguy - Wikipedian & co-founder ofAppropedia
  15. Adam Jenkins - University of South Australia
  16. Billinghurst - no organisation - Fri - Sat for parts of days, ?Sun.
  17. Marghanita da Cruz - Ramin Communications - definitely attending all day Friday
  18. Stephan Ridgway - Sydney - Travelling down Friday, definitely attending Sat. and Sun Morning
  19. Robyn Jay - Free
  20. James Neill - University of Canberra - attending all day Friday
  21. Ken - Lonely Planet
  22. Mark Spain