Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Workshop 1: a blog, online bookmarking, and an RSS reader is everything you need

We had the first workshop on Tuesday night, and didn't we set the pace early! These workshops will be full throttle, flying by the seat of our pants, jam as much in the 2 hours as we can. That said, I'll try to work out activities and such so that people get a chance to move a bit at their own pace and in their own direction.

Below is a review of what we did, as well as what you need to prepare for next week:

Set up a blog

So we all set up blogs. Here's the list I have:
We all practiced logging out and back in (good way to sort out user name and password issues). We all practiced writing a basic post, and adjusting the blog settings. Some of us quickly discovered the social side of blogging and left comments on each other's blogs.

Google Readers

Next we all set up Google Readers and subscribed to as many people's blogs in the workshop as we had time. I'm pretty sure I have everyone's in the list above, but if I missed you please leave a comment here.

Social bookmarking

We ran out of time for this, but I did quickly show delicious - a social bookmarking tool, and basically explain how it works. Jill gave it a glowing endorsement as she has been using it for some time now. Jill, if you're reading, perhaps you could write up something about Delicious on your blog? Something that explains what it is, and even how we can get started using it? Remember, often this information already exists so if you search and find a good video, or a good wikipedia article or other online resource, see if you can work out how to link to them ;)

Here's a video on how to set up a blog (for review) and in it is a brief mention on how to make hyperlinks:

What's next?

enrich your online self with multi media (youtube, flickr, slideshare, second life, etc)

I'll be showing you how to embed video, images and slideshows in your blog, as well as how to make your own videos, pictures and slide shows!

To prepare, see if you can put aside 55 minutes and watch this video: An Anthropological Introduction to Youtube. This video is a presentation that was given to the Library of Congress in the USA, and helps explain some aspects of social media - focusing on Youtube. Remember to press play and then press pause and let the red bar load some before you play it through. The video will only play as far as the red bar has loaded. Forget it if you're on dial up.. poor soul.

What to bring

Try and bring along some of the following items. If you have 2 or more of one of these, bring both in case someone doesn't have one:

Headphones (preferably the ones with a microphone on them)
Digital camera (fully charged and with the cables you need to connect it to a computer)


Anni Watkins said...

Anni joins in:

Beverly Martens said...

Hi Leigh (and the rest of the class)
Am sending this post from the Timaru library just to let you know I can't make tonight's class as still up here looking after my Mum after her hip op last week (she's still 'hip hopping' around on crutches) Hopefully you won't have skipped a million cyperspace miles ahead when I see you all next week.
Beverly Martens