Monday, September 7, 2009

Pull yourself together!

So, if you follow my advice you will have distributed yourself all over the Internet. You'll have not just one blog going, not just one video account, not just one photo and image account, bookmarks, etc.. but, its important that you tie it all together somehow. You can do this 2 ways I reckon:

1. Create a navigation menu on a central website that points to all the places you exist
2. Bring in all those places via their RSS feeds and display them on one central page

Let's look at both ways.

Here's me with a navigation menu (as well as a bit of RSS content being pulled in)
And here's me 100% RSS

See you tonight (Tuesday) at the Otago Polytechnic's Forth St Campus Community Learning Centre, 6 - 8pm.


Sarah Stewart said...

I can't make it for 5 weeks cos I;m out of town...but I will join you regularly when I get back at the beginning of October.

Chris Labes said...

Hey - typical that I read this after the class - but I'm definitely keen to look at creating navigation in blogs - and also keen at looking at that newsletter function.

Next week,