Saturday, May 16, 2009


This is a kind of guest book. If you've hung out with us exploring social media and you think you're going to keep it up, how about you comment in your blog so we can follow your progress? If you keep reasonably active with your blogging, we'll list you here:
  1. Felicity -
  2. Michael -
  3. Chris -
  4. Marc -
  5. Jonathan -
  6. Veronique -


Mike said...

Hi there, Leigh,

Could you please put my blogspot as:

I'm using this forum to inform the homestay parents about the programme. The students also have their own classroom blog, but don't want it public - cultural sensitivity is needed in this case especially considering learning in a low context as opposed to a high context culture. This blog is updated regularly, and I think is a more progressive blog than the first one I did.


Antje's Blog said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Antje's Blog said...

Sorry there was a spelling mistake in the previous comment so I deleted it. I am still very much a novice at this blogging but the other day I came across this saying;"there is no right way of doing a wrong thing" and I thought that was very clever.

Veronique said...

Hi Leigh, please add my blog to the list:

Have been trying to spend a bit more time on this.

Antje's Blog said...

Hi there Leigh could you please add my blogspot to your list:
thank you.

Pariya Williams said...

Hi Leigh

could you please add my blog to your list. My blog is

Thanks Leigh

John Horrocks said...

I am using this forum for an interest. Catching up on technology that isnew to me on the internet.

Afife Boock said...

It took me a while to log in so Could you Please add my blog to your list


Datalot said...

yes guys it is me stormy here is my blog

Chris Labes said...

I'm a participant too...

Marc said...

I've set up a blog for a group of visiting students from Dongyang Technical College, Seoul, which you can find here:

I confess it is quite static and I need to get some videon onto it.