Monday, May 11, 2009

Week 2: Finding Delicious links

Hello everyone, it was a great turn out last week, and even though we were thwarted by Twitter not letting us all through, we still managed to get some good runs on the board. I have seen quite a few follow through with Twitter accounts, with a special mention to Veronique who went the extra yards and wrote something to her blog about Twitter! Thanks V

This week we'll separate the group into those who have a Google Reader account and those who don't.

Those who already do have a Google reader account:

Your task is to research recent information on "Social Media" using the Delicious online bookmarking service. Basically you will be browsing what other people around the world have bookmarked about social media, and noting good finds to your blog.
  1. Go to
  2. You should be able to tell by the URL that you are looking at my delicious account, were I have bookmarked a number of items to do with social media.
  3. Browse the links in this list, and open things that interest you in a NEW TAB
  4. When you have finished browsing the list, look closely at the things you have opened, and prepare to write a post to your blog on the things that stood out for you most of all. Note what the link you like is, why you think it is important, and how you think you might use it in future.
  5. Now spend some time looking at bookmarked items that all delicious users have under "socialmedia". The URL therefore will simply be
  6. Notice the "Popular and Recent" link at the top of the list that will assist your browsing.
  7. Subscribe to the RSS feed for these bookmarks
  8. If you have time, write another post to your blog for anything you have found that you think Leigh should use in the course.
For those who don't have a Google Reader account:

  1. We will simply set up an account with Google Reader and use it to subscribe to information feeds like blogs and bookmarks. Review the notes from the last workshop.


faustus said...

An interesting session - like the potential of Google Reader to keep track of information. Will be exploring more thoroughly the potential of blogs, as noted in my own blog