Monday, May 4, 2009

Week 1. Microblogging (Twitter) + setting up a blog and/or applying a fancy template

Hello all, and welcome to our new participants.

Tonight, lets focus the first hour on Twitter. I suspect that twitter will help us all understand the nature of blogging more quickly. Twitter is becoming VERY popular, and to experienced bloggers, it seems to operate much the same as blogging has done for several years, but much more quickly, mainly because when you post to your twitter you are limited to 140 characters! Making it quick to write, and quick to read. For this reason, things like twitter are known as microblogs.

Here's a video showing you how twitter works:

It is my hope that by using twitter for an hour, the new comers will more easily appreciate how blogging works, and the veterans in the group will learn something entirely new and fun!

After that, the new comers have the option to set up a propper blog (here's notes on how from the last workshop), at the same time I'll show the veterans how to apply a fancy template with navigation tabs. Hope to see you all tonight at 6pm


Srinuvas said...

twitter whore

Veronique said...

Enjoying using twitter and put a post on my blog about it: