Monday, July 6, 2009

Creating a webpage with Jimdo

This one comes recommended by Jonathon.

Jimdo is a WYSIWYG web hosting service.[5] Jimdo offers JimdoFree, a free web hosting service, and JimdoPro, a premium service. Jimdo is operated by Jimdo GmbH, a Hamburg, Germany-based company.

Jimdo's help pages.

How to:
  1. Its pretty easy to create an account with Jimdo so as to get started creating a website.. but you will need to be able to access your email account to confirm the new account and get started on your website.
  2. When you have created an account, the email will issue you a link and a password - open the link in a new tab, and copy the password to use for signing in.
  3. The settings for changing your password are behind a large icon row on the right. All editing is in context and easy to use


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