Monday, July 27, 2009

Not too sure?

I'm not too sure what to do tonight.. but we always come up with a number of things based on who turns up.. so this one depends entirely on who turns up!

Chris points to
an interesting write up by a local media consultant about the level of interactivity in Dunedin through social media.

One challenge I'd love to have a go at is creating a full social media presence from nothing for someone who doesn't even know you're doing it.. a Youtube channel based on playlists and favs, a Flickr based on tags and favs, a Delicious account based on tags.. and pool it all into Facebook perhaps...


Chris Labes said...

Brilliant - a presence for someone who doesn't know it!! Oh the power!! We could make someone very famous... or destroy them? Enemies anyone??
Sorry been lazy and haven't blogged recently!
Tumblr has caught my eye recently but seriously, what's the problem with the letter 'e'?

How smooth was that hyperlink by the way?? Totally learning a thing (or two) at these workshops, thanks Leigh - see you tonight!

Veronique said...

Hey Leigh
Not sure whether I can make it for next weeks class after saying I would be there, as hubby out of town. If you put up a post we can talk amongst ourselves about you's coming.
Hope you have good travels.