Monday, July 6, 2009

No requests

Ok, so I've been watching blogs and tweets and no requests for how-to demonstration have come through.

I did get a request by email though. Felicity would like to learn how to embed audio with a slide presentation she has on so as to make what they call a Slidecast. is kinda like the Youtube of Powerpoint.. so for those who like making powerful points, or like to get their message down into a nicely illustrated sequence of events, Slideshare is for YOU!

Obviously teachers and students should know how to get the most out of Slideshare, but I am noticing a lot more businesses using it to create short sharp messages about their products and services as well.

So lets spend a little while checking out Slideshare.. starting as always with creating an account.


Antje's Blog said...

Hi Leigh,
Sorry it being school holidays,2 grand children staying with us blogging has not been a priority or something I had a lot of spare time for.

Leigh Blackall said...

Oh Antje! I would have thought showing the grand kids how to blog would keep them busy for at least an hour. I remember my grand dad used to sit me down with a paper and pen when I was a kid.

Veronique said...

Hi Leigh, I'm not in tonight, still unpacking. Very pleased that Broadband is up and running, was a little worried we might not get it out here. Catch up with you all later.