Monday, June 22, 2009

1, 2 skip a few: RSS, Delicious, and Widgets

I expect tonight we will have only a few - seeing as the snow day saw us skipping last week, breaking our rythm.

Speaking on snow day! Check out what I did that day:

So what about tonight!

Let's review RSS, look at Delicious and add widgets to our blogs. Chris Labes has been going great guns on her blog, making it fancy and taking the opportunity to requests demonstrations on the Tuesday nights. Veronique is right there with her, going further and offering back how to based on Chris' questions! Great Job V. Remember to post requests to your blog in the week before the workshops, so we make sure we're helping YOU develop social media skills.


Veronique said...

Thanks for the encouraging feedback.
I'm a bit miffed because I can't make it tonight. I was going to ask how to put a CCby licence on my blog but just had a quick look at and found the guidelines to get the embed code and have added it to my blog.
Hope you have a good session.