Sunday, June 7, 2009

Social media for marketing a business

Here's a good reader on using social media to develop markets and business. What I'm wondering if I can develop a course or service for local Otago businesses along this vein? Is there, or will there be a demand for such knowledge and insights? Check out the 5th paragraph in the introduction where he describes the gains he made in his boutique tourism business:

  • Slashed my marketing budget by over 80%
  • Fired my publicist and her expensive monthly retainer
  • Increased subscriptions to my monthly news letter by 50%
  • Almost tripled my revenues
  • Increased my profits by 500%

Surely those claims would catch the attention of local Otago tourism businesses? But how might I go about getting their attention and selling my services to them I wonder? Especially when social media is not a big deal in the local scene...