Monday, June 29, 2009

Its Tuesday night again

You know, I quite like Tuesday nights. I get to show off new things to people who are actually interested in social media.

So tonight, Chris asks how to set up an interactive calendar and for a look at Delicious again. We can do that! I reckon Google Calendar is pretty useful, and is very easy to get it together, add multiple users, subscribe to its RSS feed, and embed it on your website. So let's check that out.

And we really must check out Delicious - especially now that Chris is finally using Firefox. (yep, its TwitterFox you need Chris. Nice to see Veronique being social, dunno where all the others are?).

Veronique points to the unstoppable Sue Waters over in Australia (I taught her everything she knows ;).. she'll love that.. let's see if she finds us with that mention..
See Veronique's post with a link to Sue's tips for new bloggers.

So, hope to see some of you tonight.. we have some more tools to learn. We'll start with a chat first as usual, and then its over to a computer with a new blog post entry at the ready.


Antje's Blog said...

Hi Leigh looks like I have some catching up to do, see you later