Monday, June 8, 2009

The sweet spot..

I reckon we may have found the sweet spot in the social media workshops.

- but as an aside.. I couldn't stop watching this - I'm not sure why... EPISODE 11--"The Sweet Spot, Part 1"

Ever since we changed venues and Roger snatched a projector for us, I think we have the ingredients for keeping going at a pace that suites everyone, and in a way that keeps the workshops fresh and new.

First off, we start the night in the cafe. We spend a little time swapping stories of social media over the week, and each identify at least one thing we want to get done in the night. I try to group and pair people off according to their interests for the night, and get a list of about 3 - 4 things I might be able to demonstrate.

Then, I dunno where it came from, but I set up the projector and had the people interested in the first demo to follow me step by step on the projector. They each opened their blogs with a new post ready, and as I demonstrate, they follow along and write step by step notes to their blogs.

This way, at the end of the demo we each have written notes, and an example. And it keeps the pace right for everyone. If its going too slow, people can go on with other things and easily find a way back in when the demo catches up to them.. and it can't go too fast because I wait for everyone to catch up.

Now ideally, after doing a few demos like this, more and more people will start doing their own thing. I'd like to try and find a way to keep those people coming on Tuesday nights, just to keep the vibes going and gradually lift everyone's levels up.

One idea is to ask people to post to their blogs what it is they would like to do in the coming week. From that I could form up the 3-4 demos before the Tuesday night and txt message everyone what is planned for the night. From that, others can decide if its for them or not.

Also, this way I think new people can join in when-ever, and people can skip a night or two when-ever. The precarious point though, is that the free workshops are at this point sustained by people turning up.. I'm not sure what the longer term will be... maybe a paper money donation at the door each night?

Another goal is to try and go deeper into social media.. we are only touching the surface, there is so much to it, and a lot of opportunities for us in deep dark South NZ.. maybe even careers in it! How might we get the workshops going to a deeper level, while at the same time welcoming new comers? If it gets to that, perhaps the first hour is for beginner level things and the send for advanced?

Would be nice to get ideas from you all.. do you reckon we've found a sweet spot those who came last week?

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