Monday, June 29, 2009

New videos worth watching

I picked up a few new videos about social media worth watching:

Linking Lebanon: Activists Experiment with Social Media

Eight minute video documenting the development of digital activism in Lebanon as a tool for organizing, facilitating outreach, encouraging dialogue and raising money. It also sets the stage for more experimenting with Social Media for social change.

Using Social Media for Internal Communication
Abi Signorelli, Director of Internal Communications at Virgin Media talks to James Bennett, Online Managing Editor at Melcrum about the use of social media for internal communication.

How To Use Social Media To Get A Job (embedding disabled!)
The credits crunched, the recession is biting and certain jobs are getting harder and harder to come by, especially by the traditional means of finding employment. To get ahead of the game you need to utilize the social media world in your quest for another job. That's right, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin can all help you to find that next pay-check... here's how!

The Company as Wiki
A fast paced over view of how a US company called Best Buy is using social technology to improve store communication and productivity. Some interesting approaches in this - if you can see past the hype and blue skies.

The social media playlist

As always, these videos are added to the Social Media playlist where you can see lots of pretty interesting videos about social media and related topics.