Monday, June 29, 2009

How to use Google Calendar

Google Calendar is a free web based calendar application offered by Google. The interface is similar to desktop calendar applications such as Microsoft Outlook. It enables users to view, add, and drag-and-drop events from one date to another without reloading the page. It supports view modes such as weekly, monthly, and agenda. Users can "quick add" calendar events by typing standard English phrases, such as "Dinner with Michael 7pm tomorrow". Events are stored online, meaning that the calendar can be viewed from any location. In the case of a user experiencing a hard drive failure, it also means that no data is lost. Multiple calendars can be added and shared, allowing various levels of permissions for the users. This enables collaboration and sharing of schedules between groups or families. There are also general calendars available for importing into one's account which contain national holidays of various countries. Google Calendar is integrated with various other Google services.

1. Log in to Google
2. Click the link on your Google page that says "Calendar"
3. Enter in a few events for the week to get started with your calendar
4. In the left navigation area, click the drop down arrow that is next to Your Calendar, and change the colour
5. Click the same drop down and select Calendar Settings, change the title etc. When you see the embed code DON'T copy it yet. Instead click the link that says "Customise the colour, size and other options"
6. Adjust settings to 400 pixels (so that it fits in your blog) and other settings to make it look the way you like.
7. Copy the embed code (it automatically updates as you adjust settings) and paste it as a new post in your blog.