Sunday, June 14, 2009

Useful information - a good way to sell

This video gives a lot of useful insights about the use of social media in a PR sense. The short and sharp sell line was in the back, with the info up front. This method works, especially in the social media sphere, where most people are actively engaged in looking for information and entertainment. But don't forget the 2 way. Anyone could leave a video response, or make a sharp critique of your work, and there it will be sitting right along side you. So be authentic, and give lots.

The smart thing about this ad, is not only is it on Youtube where it gets linked to all the other videos about Social Media, but that it has identified a story that relates to its product and produced a genuinely informative video. The sell is not too up front, although I would have put it even further back, ie.. not in the video where it to easily gets dismissed as just another push.

Imagine you're in the tourism business, lets say a heliskiing business.. Find a story that you know all your most likely customers will want to know about.. like, what's the best way to find the cheapest air ticket to NZ.. there's probably a better example, but that's just off the top of my head. Make an informative video about that, and see how many views it gets. It doesn't have to have top quality production values, especially if there isn't any other videos to compete with.. it just has to be there, ready to answer the search query, and ready to relate to other videos remotely like it.

You could make a video on how to powder ski, but then yours would be one of a thousand, and is probably getting viewed mostly by people who aren't even considering heliskiing in NZ.