Monday, June 1, 2009

How to creat a Google Map

  1. Sign in to Google Maps
  2. Click the link that says My Maps
  3. Click the link that says Create New Map
  4. Name your map and give it a description
  5. Click save
  6. Find your location on the map
  7. Click the blue marker, move your mouse over your location, and click again to drop the marker
  8. Enter details into the popup box and then click OK
  9. Save your map
  10. Click the link that says link
  11. Click the link that is the pop up that says Customize and preview embedded map
  12. Adjust the map that is in this new pop up, and then copy the text
  13. Paste that text in your blog, and publish blog

View Awakino in a larger map


Mike said...

Wow, this worked really well and I have used it to inform the university TESOL students where my classroom is. It's always difficult for the students to find my classroom, and I see that even on the google satellite map it isn't there - but it really is - or have I been teaching in the "virtual" world?
Hopefully, the maps will be better than the normal maps that the Poly has. Cheers, Mike